V- Janaya von Preußenblut

Female 02/17/2011 Janaya is a beautiful, traditional black and reddish tan female with a superb temperament. She is reliable with the family and small children yet also playful and athletic. She would make an excellent running partner and companion. She is also an excellent deterrent. Janaya is a very well balanced, trustworthy dog with very good on and off leash obedience, tracking and personal protection training.

V- Chiwa von der Freiheit Westerholt

Female 09/19/2008 Chiwa is a stunning “V” (excellent) rated female who in her own right, is proven and known around the world. She is also a full sister to 4 time “VA” Chacco. Chiwa consistently produces puppies that are of the caliber to compete and succeed at the World Seiger Show in Germany. Chiwa also has a tremendous temperament, and is extremely intelligent and loyal. She produces all these traits …