Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I reserve a puppy?

A: A non refundable $500 deposit will reserve your male or female puppy from one of our upcoming litters or new arrivals.
We do request payment in full at 5 weeks of age. If we are shipping your puppy to you, this allows sufficient time to arrange all the details.

(Deposits are not refundable but are transferable for up to one year. It is given as a pledge/security to reserve a puppy for you; and that we will care for and hold/retain it for you until such a time as it is ready to go home.)

Q: At what age will I receive my puppy?

A: If you are local, you may take your puppy between 7 & 8 weeks of age.
Puppies are shipped to their new homes that are out of state at 8 weeks of age. Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the new owner.

Q: May I see pictures of the grandparents and other ancestors?

A: Yes! When you are looking at one of our dogs pedigrees on our website, you may click on any name of any ancestor that is in red to view pictures and additional information about the dog’s ancestors.

Q: Do you have a guarantee?

A: Yes! You may read our complete guarantee on our “upcoming litters” page and on our “new puppy arrivals” page”.

Q: May I visit your kennel and meet the dogs?

A: Absolutely. We would love to have you out. We are available by appointment only. Please call or email to schedule your appointment and we will set that time aside specifically for you.

Q: How do I receive my new dog?

A: If you would like to pick up your new dog at our kennel you are more than welcome to.

We do ship our dogs all over the United States and Canada. It is a very simple process and the dogs handle it very well. We have certain airlines that we prefer to work with as we know the quality of care they provide for our dogs.

Q: Is flying stressful or hard on the dogs?

A: No. The dogs have solid minds and sound temperaments and do very well.

Q: Do you sedate the dogs?

A: No! It is not healthy or recommended.

Q: Where do we receive our new dog?

A: Typically you will go to the airlines air cargo office which is normally separate from the main terminal. It is important to check the air cargo office hours. If it is “after hours” you may need to go to the main terminal.

Q: How much are the shipping expenses?

A: Shipping expenses include the airline approved kennel, wellness exam & USDA required health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian, the airfare, etc. The airfare is determined by the weight of dog along with the size kennel the dog will require. For an accurate quote, please contact us with the closest international airport to you.

Q: How soon after we pay for the dog can we expect to receive our new dog?

A: As long as the dog is old enough to fly, it will depending upon availability of flights and scheduling your new dog’s health certificate, we can usually arrange for delivery to your destination as early as 48-72 hours after final payment has been received.

Q: How do I know what vaccinations and dewormings my dogs has received or may still need?

A: All our puppies and dogs are current on their vaccinations and dewormings. Under the supervision of our veterinarian, we ourselves provide all reasonable health care for our dogs onsite. When you take your dog or puppy home, you will receive documentation of all vaccinations and dewormings for your pet. We do recommend speaking with your veterinarian about their recommendations for any additional vaccinations, dewormings and/or preventative treatments based on where you live and your lifestyle.

Q: Why are the puppies mostly black in the pictures? Will they stay this way?

A: German Shepherd Puppies are born almost 100% black. They “grow in to their color”. As they grow and develop the black will decrease and the red or tan markings will appear. To get an idea of what they will look like full grow, we recommend looking at the parents and grandparents.

Q: Will their ears stand up or is there something you have to do for them to stay up?

A: The ears will naturally go up on there own. It is very important to not play with your puppy’s ears as it is growing. There is cartilage forming and playing with the ears can break the cartilage causing the ears to not stand properly. Our dogs’ ears will stand up on their own by 6-9 months of age. If you have concerns about your dog’s ears not standing properly, please contact us.

Q: My puppy’s ears were up and now they are down. What happened?

A: This is completely normal. The ears will go up and down as they teeth or if they go through a stressful experience. Don’t touch and they will go back up on their own.

Q: What is the difference between an import puppy and a puppy on the “New Puppy Arrivals”?

A: The import puppies were born in Germany and imported directly here to our kennel. The puppies on our “New Puppy Arrivals” page are born here at our kennel from imported parents. The import puppies are the same quality and come from the same kennels as our own breeding dogs.

Q: How do I know what to do with my puppy?

A: Every puppy comes with 2 pages of puppy care instructions to walk you through what food to feed, the proper feeding schedule, vaccinations, and general do’s & don’ts of puppy hood. A four page “Transition of Ownership” document that Phil has put together from his 40+ years of breeding and training that will walk you through how to introduce your dog to your home, new people, other animals, and how to potty train your puppy to the point of it being able to go potty on command where you want it to go if you are diligent and consistent. We also include registration papers and a full written guarantee with every puppy. You may read our guarantee on our “new puppy arrivals” page.

Q: Does the age of a dog affect how quickly it will bond to a new family?

A: NO! Von Waldberg Dogs adapt and bond quickly to their new home when you follow the prescription we will lay out for you. When you purchase from us, we will walk you through how to smoothly transition your new dog, puppy or fully trained adult, into your home so that they adjust to your lifestyle, rules and expectations quickly and so they bond quickly to you.

Q: Do you have long haired German Shepherds available?

A: In general, no we do not. None of our breeding dogs are long haired. They are all the standard/ normal stock coat. It is rare when we have long haired puppies. The long hair is a recessive gene that must be in both the mother and the father gene pool to appear in the puppies.

Q: Do you have any all black or all white German Shepherds?

A: We follow the breed standard laid out by the SV in Germany very closely and for this reason only have the black and tan and the black and red German Shepherds.

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have.