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Flaxi von der Freiheit Westerholt

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful dog. She arrived from Germany two weeks ago and has been such a fabulous addition. It is such a challenge to decide whether we should keep her for our future breeding program or place her in a wonderful, loving family home. Flaxi is so sweet that she adapts her energy to that of my 2 year old. They played, ran, snuggled and kissed each other all afternoon. Flaxi is a very athletic dog with a confident, resilient nature. She loves to run and play. She has great toy and ball drive. She is completely unfazed by the various tractors that we have working around her. And she tolerates everything a 2 year old can do to her. What more can you ask for in a dog? She is reliable, trustworthy and loving. I personally appreciate her great eye contact and the train-ability that she demonstrates in our time with her. Flaxi has been raised in the home, is crate trained and has a good foundation in her obedience training.

Jamaika von der Burg Königstein

Jamaika is a unique dog in that she comes across lazy and super calm, however she also has an intense passion for her toys. Her focus for a ball is unwavering. However, her calm, attentiveness with all the kids is endearing. Jamaika is all about her afternoon naps and her morning jogs. She’s content to be with you, doing what you are doing. Whether she’s chilling at your feet, jogging with you or entertaining the kids, Jamaika adapts her energy to who she is with and what you are doing. I love how trustworthy and reliable she is with my family. Jamaika has been raised in the home in Germany. She is fluent in German. All her training is in German which we will easily teach you. She has a solid foundation in obedience, house manners and is crate trained. We’ll walk you through how to smoothly transfer all of her training to you and your family.

Timea vom Osterberger-Land

Timea is a engaging, energetic dog with the most magnetic personality. She exudes enthusiasm. She loves people, children, other dogs, her toys, and play time. She is a smart dog with strong balance drive. This makes her a great deterrent and a very reliable dogs. She has rich red and black pigment. Her conformation is very nice. Whether you’re looking for a foundation female for a breeding program, a jogging and hiking partner or a family companion, Timea fits the bill.

V- Oinja vom Osterberger-Land

Oinja is a magnificent dog with a phenominal pedigree! Both her father and mother are VA rated. In fact, she has 11 VA ancestors in the first three generations of her pedigree.