Our Breeding Prospects

Our breeding prospects are a combination of puppies that we have identified in our own litters and young dogs or puppies that we have imported from Germany that we are investing in and considering for the future of our breeding program.

We may consider selling these dogs to an approved and appropriate home.

Flaxi von der Freiheit Westerholt

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful dog. She arrived from Germany two weeks ago and has been such a fabulous addition. It is such a challenge to decide whether we should keep her for our future breeding program or place her in a wonderful, loving family home. Flaxi is so sweet that she adapts her energy to that of my 2 year old. They played, ran, snuggled and kissed each other all afternoon. Flaxi is a very athletic dog with a confident, resilient nature. She loves to run and play. She has great toy and ball drive. She is completely unfazed by the various tractors that we have working around her. And she tolerates everything a 2 year old can do to her. What more can you ask for in a dog? She is reliable, trustworthy and loving. I personally appreciate her great eye contact and the train-ability that she demonstrates in our time with her. Flaxi has been raised in the home, is crate trained and has a good foundation in her obedience training.

Our baby picture. Current image coming soon!

Ursa von Waldberg

Ursa will melt your heart. Her milk chocolate eyes grab your attention and capture your heart. She is one of the sweetest, most gentle natured dogs you will find. She has been handled from birth by 4 little humans which has created in her a love for people, especially children. Despite her heart of gold, she is a confident, intelligent, female who has no problem holding her own and putting her brothers in their place when needed. When her pedigree is combined with her dynamite disposition, we have achieved a fabulous representation of the breed in every aspect.

Our baby picture. Current image coming soon!

Ursus von Waldberg

Ursus is a traditional male with rich red and black pigment. He has very good movement, depth of chest and a masculine broad head. Ursus is wonderful with children. He frequently is walked by his faithful 8 year old “trainer”. He enjoys walks in the woods, guarding tree fortes and be terrorized by toddlers. Ursus is also well mannered with other dogs. He has been started in his obedience training and is crate trained. He is a very promising young male.

Our baby picture. Current image coming soon!

Uwe von Waldberg

Uwe is a stunning male with rich red and black pigment. His conformation is show stopping. Uwe has a broad, masculine head with a dark mask. His developing chest is already deep an impressive for a juvenile dog. He has large bone and is an impressive dog. Uwe’s dark mask and dark chocolate eyes make him look intimidating however he has a heart of gold. He is a cool, confident, young male who loves to engage with people and other dogs. Uwe is currently in our obedience training program and making great strides. We are very excited to see Uwe added to our breeding program after his second birthday.