Our Philosophy

What we do & why:

In agreement with the S.V. in Germany we continue to breed the bloodlines that the S.V. in Germany has pronounced as “the best producing ever”, such as VA- Ursus von Batu, who has been pronounced by the German kennel club (the S.V.) as the number one producing German Shepherd male ever in German history; also, VA- Chacco von der Freiheit Westerholt, VA- Pakros d’Ulmental, VA 2x’s – Vegas du Haut Mansard, VA- Shicco von der Freiheit Westerholt, VA 2x’s – Remo vom Fichtenschlag, VA- Yasko vom Farbenspiel, VA- Solo von Frutteto, VA- Baru von Haus Yu, VA- Jeck vom Noricum, VA- Hoss v. Hasenborn, VA- Ulk von Arlett, VA- Connie vom Farbenspiel, VA- Kamp. Shanto’s Xano, VA- Natz vom Steigerhof, VA- Erasmus van Noort, VA- Mack von Aducht, VA- Rikkor von Bad-Boll, VA- Scott v. Deodatus, VA- Dux della Valcuvia, VA- Max della Loggia dei Mercanti. These are all Schutzhund titled working dogs with VA Show ratings which is the highest possible show rating. There is no higher rating than VA.

These dogs are a true combination of working ability and the best of show. They have also earned the Breed Survey rating of KKl 1a, which means highly prefered for breeding -no faults. Many other dogs from Germany imported to the United States have the KKl 2a rating. This rating is given when a dog has a particular fault or faults and does not meet the KK1a standard. The breed warden will then give breeding guidlines to overcome the fault of a KK2a dog.

I have always asked “why have a breeding program with KK2a dogs; dogs with faults, when you can have KK1a dogs with no faults. That is why I have spent the time, effort and dollars to have the best proven producing bloodlines in our kennel, to provide you with the best possible dog for you and your family. Be sure to look at the pictures and pedigrees of Faiko, Xacco, Chiwa, Chakira, Elfi, Melinda and of our many other top breeding stock with the very best producing bloodlines.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, our family run operation strives to provide only the finest German Shepherds. Our Schutzhund titled breeding dogs are imported from Germany.

Find out more about our operation, the sport of “Schutzhund”, our numerous titles and awards, and our top dogs in this site. Then be sure to let us know when you would like one of our puppies, young adults, trained adults, or trained working dogs for your family.

Our goal is to always be a
“Breeder of Distinction”