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Subject: Re: Flight for Delphi

Just wanted to give an update on Delphi. She just completed the second phase of her training for my husband’s service dog and she ranked #1 in her class. She is proving herself to be more than I expected and I could not be happier.
However. I do have a question about the German line. Does it take longer for this line to establish their bark? At 15 months Delphi’s bark is still a very high pitched yap; so much so you would think she was anything but a large dog until you actually see her. The surprise on people’s faces can be quite amusing though!

Subject: Sniper Pics

Here are some recent pics of the crazy pup:) The two titled 11 weeks old were from last night when he discovered the sprinklers and how much fun they were to run sideways through them and bite at the spray. He is a character for sure and absolutely loves water. I will send you a video of him and Bullet playing. They are best buddies!

Subject: Dogs2

Hello again..
Here is the second photo of Cyrus and Enzo. This time, Enzo has taken control of the situation. Enzo has his paw firmly placed in his bowl! Cyrus is complying. All in all, the two boys are getting along splendidly!
See you Saturday.

Subject: Dogs

Good morning Kim,

Here is a photo of Cyrus and Enzo. Cyrus is standing over Enzo with paw on shoulder!! Cyrus is so bossy!

Subject: Stella;

This is her favorite spot in the house…right up against the freezer. Keeps her cool with all that fur!!! What a good looking dog 🙂

Subject: Vaccines;

He is one crazy character of a puppy!!!! He is a lot like Trigger as a pup……..loves to bite my toes, feet and ankles when I walk, loves putting his paws in his water bowl when he drinks, and is too smart for his own goodJ He is doing great though, he knows what nein means and most of the time responds to the command without a correction. Although he can be very persistent/stubborn when he gets his mind set on something. Bullet has played with him some but he plays so rough that Sniper thinks he’s in trouble. But Sniper thinks Bullet is pretty cool and likes following him around. Trigger is being her typical self and has been super playful and tolerant when he pulls on her long hair and then there are times where she growls at him (usually when she has her chuckit). She likes her space so Sniper will figure out his boundaries with her and when he needs to leave her be.

Subject: Referral;

My husband and I brought home our female puppy, Stella, 3 weeks ago. What first drew us to the Von Waldberg Kennels was their philosophy of breeding for the whole dog (rather than show vs. pet, etc). We are so pleased with Stella and our experience with VW. It’s a joy to watch Stella grow and learn—she is so smart! We were also really impressed with how well adjusted Stella was to being handled and touched. Made for a really easy first vet visit. We are also really impressed with how well adjusted Stella was to noise–we brought her home on July 2nd (4th of July weekend), and she responded really well to explosives going off around the neighborhood….actually, she hardly reacted at all. Also, we are extremely grateful for how responsive Kim has been to any questions and challenges we’ve had. While I’ve grown up with GSDs, this is the first puppy we’ve trained, and we really appreciate how open and willing Kim is to giving us advice and answering questions, whether through email or over the phone. In short, we are so happy to have Stella and look forward to a continuing relationship with VW!
–Kristen and Stephen Phillips

Subject: Allie

Dear Phil and Kimberly,
Our girl will be eleven months old soon and what a very loving, intelligent, witty and beautiful pup she is. Your german shepherd breeding experience shines through in this one, as I am sure you are well aware. One thing you may not know about Allie: she is amphibious. No webs between her toes but she can’t get enough of frolicking and swimming in the ranch creeks. Granitt must be a big shepherd, because Allie is longer and taller than Chiwa already and weighs 72 pounds even though she’s still lean. We wonder how big Alec is now.

Thank you for selling Allie to us. Our best to both of you. Kimberly, you have been on my mind. I trust you and your youngest are healthy and happy.


Subject: Sasha

Hi Kim,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer! Sasha is approaching one year old…this first year has flown by! I wanted to thank you for a great dog! She has grown into such a great family companion. Everyone loves her. She is very well mannered at home, loves to play and walk, but can quickly settle down inside. She is so smart and loves to be challenged. When you catch her being naughty (she is still a puppy after all), she immediately goes into a down and lays her head near your feet as if to ask for forgiveness. When we take her out in public, people comment on how beautiful she is, really a great representation of the breed. We are proud owners and so glad we bought her and spent so much time training her when she was young. Also, we tell people all about you and your dogs!

Thank you!! I thought you would enjoy this photo of her.

All the best,
Jennifer C

Subject: Von Waldberg Review

For a year, my husband and I had been looking for a German shepherd breeder – without much luck. One crisp, sunny January afternoon, we met with Phil Skoog the owner of Von Waldberg German Shepherds. Phil was most friendly and generously shared his in-depth knowledge of German shepherds with us, emphasizing Von Waldberg’s commitment to temperament and health. Next, Phil showed us at least a dozen of his German shepherds; the dogs ranged from five months to several years old We were very impressed with the attentiveness, intelligence and beauty of these magnificent animals.

Fortunately for us, we were able to adopt a puppy within two months of our visit. We requested – and were given – a beautiful male puppy. Our puppy is everything we expected – excellent temperament, healthy, and handsome. He even has a sense of humor!

Also, Von Waldberg German Shepherds offer training classes for puppies, adolescent and mature dogs. We have participated in these classes and have found them invaluable. The classes give owners the opportunity to better understand how best to raise a German shepherd and what to expect at key developmental milestones. Most importantly, the classes are great fun!

Each day, our puppy Cyrus brings us great joy. We love to watch him chatting with blue jays, chasing butterflies, and devising complex games with his toys. Our playtime and walks with Cyrus are always eventful; he is constantly thinking of new things to do which keeps us on our toes – Cyrus is a happy, contented puppy.
Thank-you Von Waldberg.


Subject: Pics of Bullet & Trigger
Subject: Quick Lady Check in

Hi Kim,

Got a “You Tube” email about your latest dogs….
Lady is now a little over two and a half. I’ve been with her almost 24/7 since I adopted her in April 11, 2014. As is her custom, she came up to the bed this morning and licked my wife Karen’s hand and then came up to the other side and did the same to me. She is our fully loved and adopted child. She runs freely on our property, lies at my feet soundlessly at credit union board meetings. I would like to give her some service dog training. She’s almost service dog like there except on the property she is quite protective and barks first and then relates to people after proper introduction. She gets along well with other dogs and I could go on and on. She is my guru walking in the woods. We stop. Listen. We connect to the earth.

She has stabilized at about 60 lbs…..thin, athletic, very healthy.

Don’t have any road trips planned to Seattle…but if we do we’ll stop by to say hi.



Subject: Enzo 🙂
Subject: Cyrus pic;


Here is a recent photo of Cyrus in his flower garden.
Our veterinarian so loves Cyrus’ conformation and beauty that he took some photos of him and showed them to other GS breeders at a recent national GS show. Cyrus was very admired!!! Of Course!!

Subject: Indy von Brabandt; 3/10/2016

Hi Kim,

Just took a photo this am of Indy at the end of our hike. She will be 4 in April, best dog ever.

Hope you all are well up there …..(we live in mountains northwest of LA now where Indy gets to hike and play in the creeks everyday).

Take care,
Jana V


….we have so many neat stories about Indy. A few weeks ago we went to my son’s baseball game and it was too hot to bring Indy. Left her in the air conditioned house…apparently we didn’t get the door shut entirely and it got really windy (we live on top of a canyon). Well we came home with door blown wide open–had to have been that way for a good 3 hours–Indy was waiting inside the door for us. She’s just awesome.
Take care!
Jana V

Subject: Happy Valentines Day; 02/14/2016
Subject: SIG; 06/15/2015
Hi Phil and Kim,

Hope you guys are all doing well. Just had to share a few photos.

Sig is just too much fun! Very good with people, kids & SOME animals 🙂

He met this little guy in Oregon



Subject: Just a few more…; 06/15/2015
Sig is very popular

This a recent trip to Cannon Beach

He was invited into stores, viewed artwork, collected treats at the bank,
played on the beach and visited a museum. Thank you for this blessing!

Subject: The best dog ever; 06/04/2014

hi kimberly –
here are a few pictures of my 10 year old shepherd i spoke of on the
we go for long walks 5 days a week and 2 days a week to a 122 acre area
with fields, forests, and a lake. who knows why, but in the fall, winter,
and spring after the rain, she searches for mud to lay in. after, she
goes for a swim to get the mud off. in the dry summer months i take her
swimming just because.
she is kind, likes people more than other dogs, and a joy to be around.
she is the 3rd pure bred shepherd i have owned, and i loved them all, but
maggie is special. the last picture is the most recent.
thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and address my
i will be in touch.

Subject: Ego is living up to his name; 05/07/2015

Hi Kim,
I had to share this with you as Ego just learned a new ridiculous trick! We take so many photos of the big guy, we thought he should learn to “selfie” and so we taught him. Now when we say ” Ego let’s take a selfie” he scoots right in beside and strikes a pose! An utterly useless command but totally hilarious!!

Subject: Ego is living up to his name; 04/29/2015

Hi Kim!

Hope all is well:) just wanted to give you an Ego update! At 10 months old he’s weighing in at a giant 89lbs and growing!!
We took him to Leavenworth on Monday where he was a showstopper. We literally got chased by a Bratwurst seller who wanted to give him a sausage ( he fully enjoyed all 3 bites it took him to devour the ” big bob brat”)

So needless to say he is living up to his name quite well. Aside from his adventures he is continuing to learn and be a wonderful pup!!


Anne, Nick and of course Ego

Subject: Our puppy Cinder; 03/24/2015

Hello Kimberly & Phil,

I apologize for taking so long to send you pictures of Cinder (daughter of Iroc & Prinzess born on 5-5-14) as I promised when we purchased her last June, but my son just reminded me that I said I would. How time flies when you are raising a new pup = ) Anyway, just so you know, she has been a wonderful addition to our family. She has been extremely healthy, happy, smart and full of energy and we love her dearly.

The last picture ix of Cinder at 10 months old, approximately 70 lbs and happy as can be.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thank you again for such a beautiful puppy!

Richard & Kimberly Craig

Subject: Review; 03/07/2015

We got our dog Sieger (Dutch Von Waldberg) nine months ago from Phil and Kim. Since then we have been impressed again and again by his intelligence, gentleness, and trainability. In all things he has proven to be the ideal representative of the GSD breed, from learning obedience to playing with the kids to hikes with the family. He is watchful and protective when he needs to be, but loves to lay back and relax on the couch with his family when “off duty.” We are so thankful to Phil and Kim for breeding such excellent dogs, and for their help in choosing the perfect puppy. Sieger is everything we wanted when we started looking for a dog, and we are looking forward to adding another great Von Waldberg dog to our family.

Subject: Had to share a few Ego; 02/21/2015

Hi Kim!

Just wanted to drop you a message. I hope you and the kids are well! Ego hears you from across the field on Saturdays and always cocks his head and wags that big tail:)

He is huge now but I suppose that’s a good thing when your name is Ego. 85.4 lbs last week and healthy! Seriously the best decision and we are so pleased with how his training and his abilities are progressing.

Without further ado here’s a few of his photogenic mug:)

Subject: Gero; 02/14/2015

Hello Kim and Phil,
Gero is doing great. He’s so smart. Another great dog from you. I’ll try to send more pictures as gets bigger, they always move when you just snap the picture. IL also send some of Dara, she is great also dog and so smart.
Thanks again for another great German

Eric and Sue
From Montana

Subject: Indy Von Brabandt; 01/30/2015

Hi Kim
Just took this shot of Indy this morning…she is doing great in LA.
Just wanted you to know she is the best dog ever…goes with us everywhere! And people stop us and want to pet and touch her and talk about her. What a great ambassador she is….
Jana Vincent

Subject: Happy New Year; 12/31/2014
Happy holidays from the Wilsons and Tumble Leaf!
Subject: Re: Merry Christmas from Von Waldberg; 12/31/2014

Congratulations Kim!!! She’s beautiful and I can only imagine how much fun you’ve had having a little girl to add to the fun of the boys:)
We hope to see you at training soon! Ego is growing into himself and has been a great addition to our little pack!

Subject: Happy New Year; 12/31/2014

Happy holidays everybody!
Here’s Charlie. It’s a Christmas miracle that he stayed in one place long enough for the picture.
Andrey, Laura & Charlie

Subject: Happy New Year; 12/31/2014

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years from Rocky! (See you Saturday)

Subject: Re: Happy new year; 12/31/2014

Happy New Year Everyone! See you soon!

Love from Fina and Tamara

Subject: Question; 12/24/2014

When we brought home Hugh last June16, 2014 we were nervous and excited at the same time.
We were asking ourselves some pretty important questions.
Can we handle a German Shepherd?
Would we be good enough for him?
Would he be good enough for us?
Hugh is now eight months old and we have to answer yes to all the questions above.
We love and adore him. He does everything with us. He makes friends where ever he goes. He loves people.
We are very pleased with the services and the quality Von Walberg provides. The obedience training is paying off and Hugh is a healthy happy addition to our family.
We are amazed how smart he is. He is learns so fast. We now have to be careful of Hugh training us. 🙂
Hugh is such a handsome dog. We get a lot of comments on his colors and disposition.
When our children (all grown) stop by, they are all taken back by the way Hugh treats them.
They tell us…..Why did you wait so long to get someone like Hugh!!!
In closing, we would like to say to anyone that is considering buying a German Shepherd from Von Walberg:
You get what you pay for, so don’t let the money get in the way of a very exceptional breed
Thanks you,
Marc & Sheila Thompson

Subject: Merry Christmas; 12/23/2014

Hi Kim
Thank you for the update, you have a beautiful family and Merry Christmas to you all. Baron is really growing as you can imagine, 7 months now. And has really come into his Adult don’t mess with me Bark. Just yesterday a friend of mine came in through the garage door unannounced and Baron had him stopped just inside the door. I was amazed and very pleased with him. He is very loved here and has really bonded with Mitzi. Always knows where she is.
Will check in from time to time.
Best Regards,

Subject: Merry Christmas; 12/23/2014

Zeus has been such a wonderful addition to our family! I made sure to socialize him with all the kids in the neighborhood since we first brought him home. Now, he waits patiently in line at the bus stop with all the elementary kids. He boards the school bus after them to get a treat from the bus driver. So spoiled!
I didn’t tell you about Bella. Our GSD neighbor three blocks away. She is just over a year old and a pure bred Black and Tan. We have a play date every Sunday morning in either back yard. We can let the dogs run free and chase each other. Neither one barks. Bella is slim and spry, where Zeus is all gangly legs and uncoordinated. He hasn’t grown into his massive paws, yet. She usually tackles him every time but I think he’s in love.
I never thought it possible…how much I could love a dog. Zeus is now six months old and over 70lbs. I found myself shopping for car decals and signs to hang on the front porch for my German Shepherd Dog. I have turned into that lady and proud of it!
I just can’t wait for summer. We have several trips planned and of course, he’s coming with us. Lake Chelan and Silverwood. He was such a show off at Oktoberfest in Leavenworth! One partygoer mentioned he was the cutest dog there all week. It’s not just his handsome face but his personality. He loves the attention!
I am sending over some pics you might like to share on Facebook or your website on the next attachment. Of course, I can’t help but brag… But he is the cutest puppy, ever.
Merry Christmas! Simone

Subject: Yasko; 07/15/2014
To Phil Skoog

Phil & Susan Werner, Berkeley County, WV

We purchased “V – Yasko v Lammersbeek, SchH 2, KK1a, 2005 Western Canadian Regional Seiger” in 2010. He was and still is a breath taking, head turning, gorgeous dog we renamed Shadow and we love him dearly — as he does us. Everytime I see his picture on your site (found it under “Our Breeding Stock”, Veteran Dogs) I remember when we first saw it and said WoW!

He is 12 now and looks as good as he did when we purchased him at age 7. Although he is grey in the muzzle, often he romps as if he was 2, bouncing across the yard to fetch his favorite toy.

Thank you very much for such an incredible dog. We feel we were very fortunate — buying a dog online is risky, you don’t know what you are going to get. He is strong, healthy, a deterrent, beautiful, loving, obedient, loyal, proud, protective, intelligent, intuitive, majestic and more than we hoped he would be.

He was worth every penny. Some people confuse price with value. We do not and are grateful to you for our incredible dog.

I’m sure every one of your customers think their dog is the best looking — but Yasko IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL! Thank you, Phil.
Phil & Susan Werner, Berkeley County, WV

Subject: Sig; 03/27/2014
Hello Phil and Kim,

Sorry – I know you get lots of photos – just had to let you know
Sig is so much fun – he has the best personality and gets lots
of pets where ever he goes.

He shakes hands and kisses babies like a politician. He is very
popular – thanks, Ripleys

Subject: Zues aka Xhavier Von Waldberg; ‏ 12/31/13

Dear Kim &


I wanted to drop you this line and let you know how extremely pleased we are with our pup we got from you almost two weeks ago. He is amazing in every way and we are so happy at how smart he is and learning so quickly. Day two he was crate trained and every day he continues to amaze us. Early on he was already tracking geese flying over and every sound he is looking to see where it’s coming from. He follows us everywhere we go and learned not to chase the cats after the first no. He is not only smart but very confident and independent. He is almost 9 weeks old and started some basic training such as sit, down and picked up on this instantly. Our entire family is so excited to watch him grow and learn. He is so handsome and the picture of health.

On closing I would like to thank you for your help in finding our perfect German Shepherd and your professionalism from beginning to end.

All our best,
The Jones Family
Edwardsville, Illinois

Subject: Puppy X; 12/29/2013

Kim this is the Coonhound Annie with Zues. He will often go curl up next to her to catch a quick nap between play times. Sometimes he will get so close that she will put her front arms over him. Really sweet! He is loved by all. He is on a regular schedule with eating and crate time for night sleeping or if we leave the room he goes in it. Like I said in my first email, he put himself to bed in it tonight around 11:00. Sandy

Subject: New Dog; 12/6/2013

Hi Kim and Phil,

I just wanted to tell you how much we Love Motty, she is such a wonderful dog and we couldn’t have dreamed of a better fit for our family. Durning the holidays we have been talking about what we are Thankful for and she is on the top of our list! Have a wonderful holiday season and happy new year.

Robbie and family

Subject: Erik; 11/9/2013

We absolutely LOVE Erik, he is an amazing dog!!! He has been through
basic obedience and of course was the star of the class. My husband
works with him every night. Everyone that meets him is instantly
Thank you again for making him a part of our family, Karen and Jeff.

Subject: photo of Sabena (Zeyda); 06/13/13

Hi Kim

I haven’t emailed in a while. I do want to update you on the puppy we purchased from Von Waldberg Kennels. Zeyda (or Sabena, by the paperwork) is turning out so nicely. Her parents are Porsche and Uri. She turned 3 in March and is fabulous. She is so connected to our family but very attached to our daughter, Drew, who is 14 and hikes and runs a lot. They are together constantly. Although Zeyda sleeps with me. The photo that I am attaching was taken last week, the night of Prom. It is titled, “Our two girls. One went to the Prom and one didn’t “. We just love her dearly and she is our pride and joy. She is so darn smart!

Thank you again, we are completely sold on German Shepherds now. We keep looking at the website and ‘window shop’ for another puppy from time to time.

Chelan, WA

Subject: Izabelle; 05/03/2013

Dearest Kim & Phil,
This letter to you is almost 10 months overdue, as our Izzy is soon to be 10 months old on May 24th. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone!! She has been perfect from the very first day we brought her home. As you know, I waited and waited to get my ‘dream come true’ German shepherd and she is absolutely my ‘dream come true’. She is such a wonderful combination of super-intelligence, drive and energy but calm and relaxed, and as gorgeous as can be!! She has been a delight to train, as she is such a pleaser and such a sweet girl. I just wanted you to know how incredibly happy we are with our girl ‘Izzy’! She’s truly amazing and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for breeding such wonderful companions!!
Best Regards,

Subject: Rush @ 1 year old; 11/21/2012

Kimberly –

It’s been a year since we brought home Rush at 8 weeks old and I wanted to give you an update. The update is that we couldn’t have asked for a better dog for our family. Although we didn’t know it at the time, Rush was the perfect yin to our other GSD Hanna’s yang.

Hanna is a more “prototypical” shepherd in that she cares about one thing above all else and that’s keeping track of and protecting her family. It makes her perfect for family hikes, running trails and watching our boys play in the yard. Once someone has proven themselves as a friend then she’s very personable but until then strangers are on her watch list. Rush, however, is a huge goofball and hasn’t met any man, woman, child or dog that he doesn’t immediately want to meet and say hi to. His personality is so happy and loving that people just can’t stop heaping attention on him. He’s also grown into a truly beautiful and striking dog with big paws and a lot of puppy still in his face after a year.

Attached are just a few of our pictures of him along with Hanna (best buddies) that I hope you’ll enjoy. Thanks again for two great dogs.

Steve and Heather

Subject: Jacko; 11/20/2012

Hi Phil and Kim,
Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Jacko is doing well. We have named him Taser. He has adjusted well and has already become an awesome companion. He goes everywhere with us and rides in the car great without a crate he likes to ride in the back seat next to my youngest son. He already knows sit and lay down. And has been spoiled by all the love and attention he is getting. I just thought I would take a minute to let you know and say thanks for our wonderful friend and addition to our family.
Thanks, Rochelle

Subject: Michel /Luna photos; 11/5/2012

Below you can see who is already the biggest one in our pack! Wish I had the flash on in the first photo like I did in the second photo. I was able to make this work because I took the dogs out during ‘golden hour’…late afternoon, and got the puppy nannies to tire her out…and then the photos just happened. Being an ex-professional photographer can help sometimes! She’s a beautiful addition to our life…thank you! Michel

Subject: Michel; 11/10/2012

Dear Kim,
I am sending you photos of Luna so you can see how happy she is on the farm with our pack after only six weeks. After sharing my life with Australian Shepherds for over 20 years, I really didn’t know what to expect from a five-month old German Shepherd, or how long it would take her to adjust to the many new and different experiences that she would encounter on the farm. She has been amazing!

She no longer quivers and looks like she sees “MY NEXT SNACK” with the cats, but rather licks them and lets them rub all over her. It was easy to do this with consistent and loving controlled encounters.

She runs along the fence lines with the horses, and jumps up to bump noses with my Paint horse when he hangs his head over his shelter wall, and licks them all on the nose through the fence when she gets a chance.

She recognizes and responds to ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘down,’ ‘down/stay,’ ‘leave it,’ ‘drop it,’ ‘be nice’ (for the cats and birds), ‘heel’ (on and off leash), and ‘too far’ when we are out walking and I don’t want her too far away, along with ‘kennel up’ to get her to go into the dog run, her crate, or up a ramp into the back of the truck. Her recall has been very good since I have felt comfortable enough to take her off leash, even with the wild bunnies that tempt her to chase them. I just use the ‘leave it’ command to get her to not go after them.

I am able to take her away from the two other dogs, who I call the puppy nannies, for more formal training time, and even though she can still hear them whining and crying because I took her away, her attention becomes completely mine, on or off leash, and she shows no desire to run back to where they are. She’s totally paying attention to me and what I’m asking. I call it ‘more formal training time’ because I know she’s learning 24/7 and I have to be consistent at all times in what I do and say.

After having Aussies for so long, I knew how hard it is to be smarter than my dogs. Luna is even more intelligent and quick to learn in a completely different way. It’s hard to explain, but her awareness of her world and any changes and her reactions are interesting to watch.

I took her to the local farmer’s market and didn’t know what to expect with all the people, activity, and other dogs, since I knew she’d never done anything like that before. I was amazed by her. While I talked to vendors, she sat quietly by my side facing away from me and watching all that was going on behind my back. She sat quietly, never tugging, but just observing. A couple of times I felt her become more alert, and turned to find someone had stopped fairly close to my back, but not within reach of her, and it was as if she was watching to see what they would do next. If they just walked up to say ‘hi’ to her, she was friendly and licked and wagged, but if they held off, she stayed on alert…not aggressive at all…just paying attention.

One of the reasons I chose to find a German Shepherd to join our pack was because I live alone and fairly isolated on my farm, and it was time to find a dog that would offer a strong deterrent if needed. I think Luna’s temperament and behavior so far makes it clear that she will grow into a wonderful companion with just the attributes I was looking for.

It was very difficult to make a change to a completely new breed of dog to accommodate the changes in my lifestyle, and your responsiveness to my e-mails before I came to the kennel, the long time you gave me to meet a variety of dogs at the kennel, and especially how well you have supported me with answering my further questions since I brought Luna home, has made working with you a wonderful experience.

Luna is a beautiful addition to the farm and our lives!

Thank you for everything,

Subject: Our Diesel; 04/03/2012

Hi Phil,
I’ve attached a few recent photos of Diesel (aka, Elton). Some pretty great genetics, I’d say. Suppose I may be biased, but I’m so struck by just how perfect he really is. Structurally, his movement, the perfectly straight front legs, that great bone – he’s just amazing.

I adored Tasso and he was a spectacular dog; a companion like I may never have again, but I feel absolutely no disloyalty to him in acknowledging that Diesel is in another class, as far as conformation.

Hope his ‘mommy’ is doing well 🙂

Subject: Update on Kuno, NW1; 03/18/2012

Hello Kimberly and Phil,

We thought you’d be pleased to hear that Kuno is doing great, and he has a fancy new title, NW1. Steve has been taking nose work classes with him, and he qualified at his first ORT (odor recognition trial) in December. We took him to his first NACSW trial last weekend, on March 10. We didn’t expect him to pass all of the elements because he’s so young–a dog has to be one year old to compete, and he was one year and one week. He passed all four elements and also was awarded first place in the container search (8 seconds). And here’s a photo:

Yes, that is duct tape on his harness in the photo. One thing you cannot understate is the strength of the GSD jaws–he can chew a toy to shreds in seconds. He is a beautiful dog with sweet disposition and he is complimented everywhere we go. Thank you for our wonderful pet!

Warmest regards,

Subject: Greetings from Gunner & the O’Keefe’s‏; 12/18/2011


it has been a a while since we gave you an update on Gunner (a.k.a Enzo) He is now 14 months and is doing well. Debbie takes him to training twice week. He has received his Canine Good Citizen and has been certified in Rally obedience and will be working on his BH in March. We are contemplating further Schutzhund if we have the time. Gunner is Debbie’s constant companion and accompanies her almost everywhere she goes.We get compliments on him constantly. It is amazing to us that we get asked what breed he is, people are unaccustomed to seeing a properly breed GSD.
Thank you again for a great dog.
The O’Keefe’s

Subject: Sundance & Holiday; 12/09/2011

Just wanted to let you see our two pups together. They are best buds already. Holiday is such a fun puppy and has fit in since day one.
Thanks again,

Subject: Rudy Update; 11/28/2011

Hi Phil and Family,

I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Rudy and give you a quick update. Rudy is doing great. He loves his family and his family loves him:) He goes with us where ever we go, camping, hiking, long car drives to visit relatives, and he loves it all. Two months ago, we started training as a K-9 unit with a Search and Rescue team here in Minneapolis. We both love it and it is so fun to watch him excel at this work. Of course he is great with our kids (almost three and almost 7). He is just the smart, healthy, athletic, loveable dog our family was looking for. We still have lots of work to do as we work through puberty, but we know our already good boy, will just get better. 🙂 Thanks Phil for all your hard work.

Warm regards,

Subject: Kuno pics; 10/26/2011

Thought you might like to see Kuno. He’s waiting in the car for his turn at nosework classes. He’s pretty good, and everyone marvels at how focused he is for a puppy (and how much bigger he gets every week)!


Subject: The fabulous Diesel; 10/12/2011

Hi Kim,
Here’s Diesel’s nightly ritual. He hops up on my bed for a short snuggle and a nap before we hit the sack for the night. Soon as I turn out the light, he hops down and sleeps on the floor in my room, right by the door. On duty all the time. I never thought I could love another German as much as I did Tasso, but I sure fell in love with this boy. Just as your dad knew would happen ;)Diesel is just the perfect dog at the perfect time for us. He’s so incredibly sweet, as you saw in your time with him. Steve is nuts about him too. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s the most gorgeous Shepherd ever! Tell your dad he’s doing well 🙂
All my best,

Subject: Heather is an exceptional dog; ‏; 09/29/2011

Hi Kim and Phil,

Heather is now almost 17 months old and continues to amaze us. We try to take her everywhere dogs are allowed so she is very socialized with people of all ages and other dogs. She still has a lot of puppy in her, pretty high drive, and will try to initiate play dates with other dogs, but she is getting more focused and less distractible every month.

She is utterly fearless of anything (although is pretty nervous in the vet’s office). Last summer, I was trying to follow my son who had gone off in the forest land near our property. We had started to cross an area with dense brush by walking on a large downed tree, when I decided to turn back and accidentally unbalanced Heather causing her to fall about 4 or 5 feet down on her side in the brush (dogs do not land on their feet). She was surprised but unhurt and I managed to haul her back on the log by grabbing her harness. We went home. Later, I had to go find my son, so I asked Heather to find him. When we got to the downed tree, she readily jumped up and walked the entire length and then led me through the forest right to him. We then came back, once more using the downed tree. I don’t know many dogs that would be so brave.

We are now in our second Agility class. Heather got her first introduction to the dog walk, A frame, and weave poles. Many of the dogs had to be coaxed up the dog walk and A frame, but once Heather was shown what we wanted, she readily negotiated the equipment. In fact, she bounded over the A frame so fast she left me behind. She always takes the course at a run and is a joy to work with, although challenging for me as I am also trying to learn the moves and cues without crashing into things.

Thanks again for the great dogs you offer.

All the best,

Subject: German Shepherds – THE BEST; 09/27/2011

Hi Phil-
The other day we were in the San Juan Islands with our GSD that we bought from you about two years ago. A lady on the dock came up to us and told us how beautiful our GSD was and she wanted to know where we bought her. We told her she was from Von Waldberg in Snohomish. Right away she said – oh this is a Phil Skoog GSD – we got all excited and said – yes! She said – Phil only breeds the best german shepherds and I can tell she is a Phil Skoog dog. This lady owns a kennel on Whidbey Island and has a couple of GSDs herself and just kept saying that our dog, Kodiak, was so beautiful and that she could tell that it was a “Phil GSD”.

Anyways, I just wanted you to know that you have a wonderful reputation out there in in the GSD world and that you have the “best GSDs”. Everywhere we go with our dog we get compliments on how beautiful and stunning she is! We love our GSD to pieces and are so grateful she is part of our family!


Suzanne Un

PS I have attached a couple of recent picture of Kodiak.

Subject: Scout; 09/23/2011

Hi Kim and Phil

I have been meaning to email for sometime. Scout is now 6 mos. old and a huge part of our family, she loves the water – river, lake, garden hose, kiddy pool… you name it. She also loves to fetch a ball, go camping, chase grasshoppers. Her favorite place is outside but like a shepherd only if her family is with her J She is very smart and wants to please. She has learned to sit, lay down, and come very quickly. Although she can get easily distracted and not always come if there is something more interesting. Say like a rabbit, another dog…all to be expected at her age. We are starting to work on heel and stay — a bit more of a challenge but know she will do quite well. Thanks so much for such a terrific dog. We absolutely love her!

– The Inman Family

Subject: Oklahoma dogs, Marshall and Sundance Forrest; 08/26/2011

Hi Phil, Kimberly,
Pictures of our beautiful shepherds! They love the water and snow, hate the heat. We are so excited about our upcoming puppy!

Subject: Endo pics; 08/18/2011
Hi Kim,

I hope all is well with you and your family and all those gorgeous pups! Endo and I are getting ready for the BH on October 1. Here are a few pictures of the fun stuff. (not that obedience isn’t fun but no one seems to take photos of that!) He’s come a long way from the quiet dog on the pole! He has a consistent full grip. I’ll need to get Randy or one my club-mates to take some nice heeling shots one of these days. Let me know if you guys ever get a facebook page so I can like it!


Subject: Hunter; 07/19/2011

Hey Phil and Kim,

Hunter is doing great…completes his last puppy class tonight…although he is the youngest and smallest puppy in the class (maybe not the smallest by tonights class…he is growing sooo fast), he is the smartest.

I take him to Schutzhund training Sunday mornings…we’re just socializing him and working his prey drive (which he really doesn’t need any work on)…working on his eye contact and couple other things. Has better drive than a lot of the older dogs and all of the young ones…and again, he is the youngest and smallest one out there. He enjoys watching the older dogs work on their protection training. He barks and growls at the decoy.

I frequently take him to some of the local pet stores just to socialize him and weigh him, and he gets all the attention. Everybody makes over him and think he is the prettiest puppy they have ever seen. He defiantly turns heads where ever we go.

I want to thank you Phil for your dedication to breeding the best GSD’s. And someday, I hope that Hunter will further honor you by accomplishing his Schutzhund titles. Right now we are just having fun and learning some of the basics…and more importantly he’s my best friend.

Hope all is doing well…my best wishes.

Hunter’s dad,

Subject: Jaro; 07/17/2011

Hi Kim,

Just wanted to share some pictures of Varina and Jaro and to tell you what a wonderful dog he is and how well he is doing. He is a great little guy, very smart, very loving. He LOVES the water and was not intimidated by it at all. He is getting used to riding in the car too, he didn’t do to well with that at first but now is fine with it.

He has a lot of protective instincts. If a sail boat would go by close to the beach he would run out and watch it and bark at it! It was a riot to watch.

The dogs get along great and play constantly. Jaro is looking to be dominant over Varina, which is natural I suppose. He pretty much comes up and takes whatever she has. She doesn’t usually make much of a fuss about it. One always wants what the other has.

I start Jaro in obedience class next week. I am more doing it for socialization more than anything as we have already had a lot of success with him on our own. He is very easy to train. I provide them with a box of toys, and he caught on right away that he can have whatever is in there – every thing else is mine. Of course he strays once in awhile but has been very, very good. It’s a good thing, as he doesn’t care for being crated…at all.

He seems quite happy and continent. They both are I think. Thank you for both of these wonderful dogs. We will love them all their lives and do our best to give them the joy they give us.


Subject: Puppy Daisy; 07/13/2011

My wife and I recently purchased our second GSD from Von Waldberg in Snohomish. Our new female is intelligent, curious, and in excellent physical condition. Phil and his daughter Kim are very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They have both given us a lot of good advice over the years. We would recommend anyone seriously looking at German Shepherds to contact Von Waldberg.

The Van Dykes
Shoreline, WA

Subject: follow up, 06/12/2011
Hello Phil,

We are emailing you to let you know the status of our German Shepherd Paula vom Suentelstein. We received her in June of 2007 and always meant to give you an update and photos. She is the best dog we EVER had! She is true to her description in your website, as to her sweet demeanor and she is so great with kids! We are so in love with her we couldn’t imagine life without her. Thank you again for everything! I am attaching a picture of her. She will be four in July!

Dorrie and Robert Ahearn

Subject: Quote, 04/29/2011
Dear Kim,

From the moment I met Ebby, I knew she was going to impress and amaze all of us! Ebby has been a beautiful blend of loyal protection dog and loving family member. She is confident and yet, she is eager to please. She is already quite brilliant, and yet, she loves to continue learning new things. She is always enthusiastic about “working,” and never tires of pouring out affection to her family and me. How did you ever fit such an outstanding amalgamation of characteristics into one fabulous dog? It has been such a joy and complete pleasure caring for and getting to know such a magnificent and outstanding dog.
Thank you for all your meticulous training of Ebby and your patience, insightfulness, and thoughtfulness in answering all our questions about Ebby. Most of all, thank you for investing your heart and efforts into developing Ebby into the smart, self-assured, affectionate, playful, trustworthy, and devoted dog that she has been with us!

Thank you so much,
Nadine Webb (Ebby’s pet sitter and snuggle buddy)

Subject: Chelan, WA GSD, 4/18/2011

Hi Kimberly,

Well, wanted to send you a picture of our girl. She is from the S litter and we purchased her in May of last year. She’s now 13 months old and a sweetheart. We are enjoying her so much and she’s just been the greatest. Never having owned a German Shepherd, she’s been a real surprise and joy.

Let me know if the photo doesn’t get thru. We named her Zeyda, though I registered her under Sabena. We were hiking that morning and I took the picture on my phone. She gets a lot of exercise and of course, I do as well.

Thanks again, we all adore her. She is my 12 yr. old daughter’s best friend and ever so watchful over her as well as the whole family and friends.

Cathy Morris

Subject: RE: Ebby, 03/25/2011

Hi Kim,
It’s been a little over a month since we brought Ebby home, and we wanted to tell you what a WONDERFUL German Shepherd she is!! We continue to receive so many compliments on her behavior out in public, her beauty and self-confidence. You’ve done a phenomenal job in training her. We thought Ebby was very well trained when we first met her many months ago, but after your month-long board and train program, we must say that she is now perfectly trained—and we didn’t think it could get any better!! She is well-mannered when on leash and listens to all of our commands, displays overwhelming self-confidence and is absolutely fearless (no fear of lawnmowers, loud noises, other dogs). As you know, we brought her back ON THE PLANE as a “passenger” and she was perfectly behaved throughout the 5 ½ hour flight to Hawaii—she lay down, never barked or whined throughout. And that is the “public side” of Ebby. Yet, when she is off-leash in our home, she is the cuddliest, most loving companion to us, always showering us with her wet kisses… and at the same time, also behaves well in the home where we need not ever worry about her destroying anything in the home. Even her eating habits are amazing where she self-regulates herself, eats only until she’s full, chews well and eats slowly—not once has she ever attempted to take a bite out of our food or attempted to eat something that is not offered to her. We continue to be astounded by the amazing self-restraint and behavior she displays. And as icing on the cake, she is soooo very intelligent—learns new things very quickly!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kim and Phil, for our perfect companion!!
Dennis, Carol & Ryan
Honolulu, Hawaii

Subject: 2 great iphotos, 03/16/2011

Greetings Phil and Kim –

Just had to send you a few photos of SIG. He is doing very well and as you can see is a very
handsome boy. Today is his 1 year birthday. He is a happy, funny, sweet guy – thank you for a great dog!!

Renee and Don Ripley

Subject: update on Xena, 03/11/2011

Hi Kim,

Since Xena is almost a year old, I thought I’d give you an update! She is 62 lbs and nice and long and lean. She has a beautiful personality. She has finished her obedience training, has done some rally and agility, but I’ve been busy with grad class, so we are on a break from formal class training until May. She heels off leash, will ‘leave’ toys and food (even steak) until she is given her command. She “hands” everything. This morning, I was making a PB & J sandwich, and I dropped the twistie tie on the floor, before I could even ask her, she came over, picked it up and showed it to me to take it. I was impressed by that! She LOVES anything with “Ball”. One naughty episode happened last week–she jumped our 4 ft fence to come to the front to play basketball with us! So I put her back for a few minutes, then asked her to come play.

She is loving her sister! Isis is a 6month female yellow lab who weighs 47 lbs. Xena shares food, toys and treats. They play rough, run fast, and sometimes I’ll catch them snuggling, but their rest periods don’t last long when they are together–they play forever! They always sleep well at night. Their favorite treats are marrow bones! Xena’s favorite toys are a stuffed buffalo, hedgehog, and a 2 ft purple octopus that has lasted WAY longer than I thought it would. This is the same octopus she picked out at the store about 6 months ago and walked all the way to the register with it in her mouth!

When Xena was a liiiiitle puppy, she came to school with me for a few weeks, and she has been coming to school for a few afternoons about every other week. I’m thinking of getting her trained to be a therapy dog. She is pleasant to pet–doesn’t demand constant attention like labs do. So we will see how that goes as CGC and TDI things get going.

I’m attaching a few pictures. I know I’m biased, but she is the best looking GSD around Lincoln (300,000 people–lots of GSDs). It’s crazy to see her around other GSDs–they don’t compare. And her movements are so smooth! Hope everything is well and you enjoy her pictures.

Cindy Renner

Subject: Our Puppy, 03/01/2011

Hi! We got our puppy Feb 26th. He is amazing. There is not enough good things to say to describe how great he is. He learns SOSOO fast and is smart and laid back. Even as a young puppy he obeys and respects your boundaries. He treats my two sons, 1 yr old and 2 yrs old, with patience and gentleness. 4 month old Diogy (Enriquor) is very mellow and watchful. He rarely barks. We are trying to socialize him and he is so friendly with everyone he meets. The neighborhood dogs have warmed up to him too. He is very healthy and just AWESOME. He already understands simple commands like sit, down, lay, come, potty, he is already potty trained. I am amazed every day at how smart he is and how fast he learns. This dog is everything you guys said he would be. There is distinct strong character about him that sets him apart from any other dog I’ve ever met. Thank you! His mellow temperament and alert curiosity are refreshing. We’re telling everyone who asks about you and your dogs. Here are some pictures of Diogy fitting right in. We will keep you updated!
~Rob, Dierdre, Kael, Keylye & Diogy

Subject: Gunner Update, 02/25/2011


Debbie & I wanted to give you an update on Gunner. Everything is going great and we couldn’t be happier with him. As you can see from the pictures he is starting to get comfortable in his new home. He is very curious about the pool, but it is still to cold to go swimming. Debbie is doing a great job training him. Everyday I come home from work she has trained him to do something else. She has enrolled in a obedience class and takes him on regular walks and rides in the truck. Gunner loves to ride in the truck. He usually falls asleep immediately and you have to wake him up to drag him out of the back seat. Unfortunately for me I have lost my truck to Debbie & Gunner, I’m not happy about it 🙂 Gunner seems to be the perfect fit for our family and lifestyle and we look forward to every new day with him. Thanks for a great dog. We will update you occasionally


Subject: FW: IMG00222-20110223-1115.jpg, 02/23/2011

Hi Kim…Just wanted to send you a quick picture of Mina playing with Abby. I can not tell you how much we love this dog! Now that she is out of that “nippy” puppy stage, she is a joy. :o) She is so good with the kids – lets Abby and Gabe play with her and has never once been rough or inappropriate (and Abby can be a terror!). She has been “alerting” us, too – she never barks, but when someone opens a door, or if someone comes around she gives off this “RRRRRuFFFFF” to let us know something is going on. Love it. Best. Dog. Ever.

Hope all is well on your end.

Andi Kahn

Subject: ; 12/25/2010

Venti is doing well. Hit the ground running, very confident and has a Big Appetite…She seems very intelligent and is curious about everything. I believe we will be very happy, I know Harley is. CP

Subject: Merry Christmas & Yule Update; 12/13/2010

Hi Phil,

Just wanted to send you a quick update on Yule. We purchased Yule from you this past July and wanted to let you know how happy we are to have her as part of our family. She was 5 months old and one of your German import pups. We have three young children and an older GSD so it was important to us that she be well socialized and good with children. Well, she was everything you promised and more. She is wonderful with the children, never rough and shows a gentleness and patience with them that is a refection of her solid and sound temperment. She is fearless, confident, extremely intelligent and remarkably athletic. She loves to play fetch and welcomes any child, young or old, to join the game. She is a wonderful companion to me and a joy to watch. She is curious about everything and on constant alert. We finished basic obedience and have moved on to advanced. She is a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your dedication to the betterment and well being of this exceptional breed.

With warm regards,
Trish and the Fitzgerald Family

Subject: Heather, 12/6/2010

Dear Phil and Kim,

Heather (Finja vom Haus Roselius) is now 7 months old and she continues to be a wonderful dog. She is confident, intelligent, and curious as a cat, with a loving and playful disposition. One of her favorite games is using her nose to find a rubber ball or other objects that we hide. We let her smell our hands and then tell her to find it. Her reward is chasing a laser dot around. The amazing thing about Heather is that she is very athletic and has a lot of energy and drive, but will hang out when she has to and is a great traveler wherever we go. She shows little fear of loud noises or new things and is more curious than anything else. When we first got her at about 3-1/2 months old she rarely barked, but in the last month or so she barks when people come to the door but immediately is quiet when I say it’s okay (unlike our dachshunds). She finished her puppy obedience class as the top dog—it felt like cheating when we sailed through the final test which was graded for accuracy in completing commands as well as timed. Her ability to learn new things seems to be limited only by what we can teach her. We receive many compliments on her as people seem to find her exceptional, like the man who pulled a U-turn in the middle of the street to come up to us and say, “Wow is that a German, German Shepherd? Where did you get her?”
Thank you for all you do to make great dogs available. Having a dog of sound temperament and health was a huge consideration for us. The cost of a German import is minor compared to veterinary bills for major health problems and the heartbreak of a physically or mentally unsound dog. We realize that any dog can develop problems but the chance is greatly decreased by careful breeding and selection. Thank you also for having the training seminars. In addition to your high standards in German Shepherd dogs, you obviously are very dedicated to helping owners work with their dogs, and in helping the dogs achieve their potential. We look forward to bringing Heather back to the “German Shepherd farm” (as my son calls it) for the next seminar.

All the best for the holidays,

A Tribute to Eneia von Waldberg,

May 1997-November 2010
At just about midnight, November 6th, a kind and compassionate veterinarian stopped a heart that had brimmed over with love and laughter, loyalty and courage, for just under thirteen and a half years. That heart ended its run trying frantically, but failing, to pump oxygen to a brain and body that were truly magnificent.

Her end was peaceful, with the grace and dignity she deserved. She lay on a soft bed on the floor, her head on my lap and cradled in my arms. When the time came, she was drifting off to sleep, content with who she was.

There’s an empty space on the bed now, traction socks that will go unused, and there will be someone missing at my side at the dinner table. But I would not trade her years with me for anything in the world.

The ache will be a long time fading, but her spirit is with me still, and in one sense she is still here, because in her final two years, she busied herself giving me the best gift she could have given. She gave me Beau. Not as her pup, or as her replacement, but as a reminder of who she was. Through her, Beau learned to be a real dog. She taught him all she knew, from chasing swallows across the lawn to playing with the water from the hose. From tipping his head when I talk to him, to lighting his eyes with laughter and fun. Those are all Nia, as is his responsiveness in obedience, for she is the one who insisted on showing him how it was done during our training sessions at home. It was she who would push her way to my side at heel, sit, stand, lie down, and come, always with a look that said “this is how you do it.” And he watched. And he learned. And I laughed.

I will miss her always. She was the dog of a lifetime, a best friend who stood by me through good times and bad. Who never took more than one or two tries to learn something new and who, in all her joyous years, was scolded a mere handful of times—always when she knew better but when her sense of fun outweighed her sense of self-discipline.

When I think of her now, the same image keeps coming to mind. It is Nia, bounding on a field of green, tail up, mouth open, and eyes alight with the expression I so many times referred to as Laughing Girl. She was as pure a soul as the perfectly heart shaped patch of white she wore in the middle of her chest. I’ve always thought of that patch, “Nia’s valentine,” as a sign from God to remind me daily of the very special dog he chose to send my way.

Subject: FW:; 10/23/2010

Hi Phil

Panzer is doing great he loves riding in the truck , I bring him to work with me almost every day to the boat he is very social with everyone I tie him out on the dock everyone comes by to say hi to him and play with his rope toys.We work everyday on our obedience skills he is doing very well.I received the papers this week thank you next week Panzer and I are driving to Florida for a week so he can meet the rest of his family and hang out on the horse farm where my wife works.

Take care Phil and thanks again for a wonderful companion.

Capt. Steve

Subject: Thanks a million!!; 10/15/2010


Thanks a million! Golda is everything that we were looking for. She has adjusted beautifully to her new environment and is doing great!!!

Thanks again,

Subject: Zissie; 10/11/2010
Phil & Kim,

I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you. We have had Zissie for nearly 2 months, and she has definitely completed our family. Like I explained, I work nights in the Law Enforcement Community, and with me being gone and the family (wife and 14 month old daughter) home alone I feel much better having our newest addition “Zissie” home with them. She is everything you explained her to be and more. Her transition has been flawless, she has never skipped a beat to make sure everyone is where they should be and safe. Every night before bed, my wife tells me she runs from door to door to check everything before retreating upstairs to bed. She is very attached to us and we couldn’t be happier, Thank you again for everything, I have attached a photo of both our “babies”. Feel free to share.

Shaun & Jennifer Phillips

Subject Anja Von Der Edelquelle (Blackner); 09/17/2010

Phil and Kim, Anja is still “afloat”. Thought you would appreciate the picture. Ben

Subject: Sasha Pics; 08/07/2010
I thought you might want to see how Sasha is doing. These pictures were taken in front of the Cape Cod Canal and the Sagamore Bridge is in the background. Sasha and I walk the canal frequently. She is a lttle shy of people right now, is considered advanced in her puppy school and we love her so much.

Hope all is well,

Subject: my puppy; 9/3/2010

Phil and Kim,

Just a quick not to say thank you for sending the registration papers. I bought a puppy from Dida and Yasko’s litter. We have named her Ora von Waldberg. She is a great family dog and loves swimming in the lake with us. She has been around gunfire, lightning, and fireworks and shows no fear. She wants to be around us all the time and loves waiting for the kids to get off the school bus. I included a couple of pictures so you can see how she looks now. Thanks for a beautiful dog.

Nicole and Family

Subject: Briones Family; 9/1/2010

Phil, I just wanted to update you on our pup Jet who came from the S litter earlier this year. He is almost six months and growing quickly at 55 pounds already. Everything you said about your breeding shows with this animal. He is very much aware of how we feel and what is going on around him. Already at such a young age he sits, stays, lays down, retrieves/releases and comes when called. Typically when my family goes out we don’t keep him on a leash unless other people and animals are around. He stays close to my wife and I and will want to catch up with my 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter as if he is herding them back when they get to far up ahead of us. My son most of all has developed a close bond with Jet already. They play together all the time and will also just lounge around together as well. I love the fact that he has also found his place with our other pets, “two cats and a small dog”. When I came to you I explained what I was looking for in a family/protection dog. Working in the Law Enforcement community having a schedule that keeps me away from home some nights I wanted more than just an alarm in my home. You provided just the right animal for us as promised. Jet has already recognized his role and alerts us to people approaching the home at night. He is great with family and friends and can tell when somebody belongs around us and doesn’t. As you stated to us dogs can sense when somebody has intent to do harm to their owners. Just recently I had my children in my SUV with Jet in the rear compartment. I walked around the front of the truck to check the oil while pumping some gas. I had noticed a few people around but nothing out of the ordinary. As I was under the hood I heard Jet start to bark, I looked around the side of the truck and saw a man backing away from passenger side rear window where my daughter was sitting. When I asked what he wanted he just backed away and said he must have got to close to the truck. I don’t know what he was up to but when Jet came up over the seat and out the window to let him know this wasn’t the little girl to come near, I must say I was proud. The past four generations of protection dogs in his family truly shined thru with Jet. He naturally new something wasn’t right and alerted me to it. He did exactly what I wanted, he kept my family safe. Thank you for providing us with Jet, he truly completes our family dynamic. I will share more information later.

The Briones Family

Subject: FW:

I have been involved with the sport of breeding and showing dogs since 1963. That was the year I bred my first german shepherd. Since that time I have bred over fifty AKC champions of 3 different breeds and multiple best in show dogs. I have made 2 of my import champions romx dogs and at the least have a very high standard of what I consider acceptable in a dog. The female german shepherd I purchased from you is perfect. She has the old style dedication to duty that I desire and the body to back it up. She is healthy, beautiful, brilliant, humorous and arrived here in that condition. I did not have to spend six months making a kennel dog into a house dog. She responds to all normal commands and did not have to be housebroken. She came that way…she loves me, amuses me, protects me and is the only german shepherd I have ever owned that lived up to the promise and guarantee I paid for.
My sincere thanks to a shepherd breeder with a quest.
Nancy Kretschmer

Subject: Great iphotos

Dear Phil:
In loving memory of the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD. Words cannot describe the love, happiness,
humor, and joy this boy has brought into our lives. He was truly the greatest blessing ever.
Attentive, intelligent, fearless, protective, a constant companion – loved kids – people were drawn
to him and the outpouring of letters, emails , flowers and phone calls since his passing have been
enormous – he was and is SO loved. We got Nick from you in 1998 – he was the offspring of Fasko Vom Emstor and Erle Vom Tannenberg. We could write a book on all the great things he’s done – like
the time he saved us from a fire – when a candle burned out of control and caught on fire – Nick came and
got me – they let you know when something is wrong – I got out just in time to see flames 2 feet high –
he saved our lives. Many more stories, but we thank you for the gift of this perfect , perfect friend.
There are many good dogs,yet, a German Shepherd – there is something that I don’t think can be
put into words – a special bond between a dog and its family….
Don and Renee Ripley
Mukilteo, WA

Subject: Thanks for a great dog!; 2/8/2010
“Only Bikers understand why dogs love to stick their heads out car windows.”

Dear Phil,
It’s been two weeks now since I had to had to take the best dog we’ve ever had to the vet to be euthanized. It broke my heart, but a responsible pet owner has to do what’s right for the dog, not what feels good to the owner. So, for all the references I read about how glad new owners are of their new puppy, let me share a bit about our alpha female.
My eleven year old Meta (rhymes with beta) was named after my 1st generation German grandmother. Smart, fearless, loving, protective and always loyal, Meta also had a snarky streak that passed as humor. There was never a doubt with Meta around, just who was in charge of security at our home. Whether is was a sound we couldn’t hear or something out of place, she would seize on it, alert us and be ready to confront whatever perceived danger presented itself. Having one of these dogs is like having a sixth sense, and you get used to it. I depend on it!
I’ve been a 911 dispatcher for twenty-five years. I do shift work, so many nights my family went to sleep with dad gone. We live outside the city on a nice wooded acre. I look at these dogs as an indispensable asset for our well being, as well as members of the family unit. My Meta may be gone now but “Uncle Phil,” as my wife calls him, has provided us with two other fine dogs. Elsa is going on seven years of age and Reagan just turned thirteen months old. The youngster is a lovable beast! Just like our Meta …

John & Jeanne Dickmann
Bremerton, WA

Subject: Gus; 2/17/2010

Phil and Kim
I wanted to update you on “Gus” and thank you for providing us with such a magnificent dog. First off, Gus (Dax vom Osterberger Tal) is amazing! He is confident, loving, inquisitive, and smart. He is a great family dog and enjoys playing and spending time with our two children (11 & 7 years old), me and my wife. He wants to be with us all of the time and observes everything we do. My wife, Linda, takes him everywhere (in the car, running errands, and visiting her mom). He is incredibly smart, has an amazing nose, and is always up for a game of tug-of-war or fetch. Along with all of these things, he has a strong desire to learn/work and wants to please. In addition to his temperament, he has gorgeous red/tan and black coloring: when the sun reflects on this coat, his colors are striking!
Phil and Kim, I cannot say enough wonderful things about Von Waldberg Kennels. In the process of researching breeders, I have been truly impressed with your knowledge about German Shepherds, direct/up-front & honest approach, and your patience in answering my endless list of questions. It is obvious that you strive towards excellence, your facility is spotless, and it is apparent that your dogs are well cared for and cared about. Thank you for helping us find “Gus,” he is a remarkable addition to our family.

Subject: Angi Update; 01/29/2010


Angi went to her 1st puppy manners class last night. There was about 10 puppies all under 6 mos., including a couple of Golden Retrievers who were 5 mos.and a Burmese Mountain Dog also 5 mos. When Angi went in she was a little excited and started barking, then she settled right down and listened and minded. This dog thinks and listens, SO UNLIKE ALL THE OTHER DOGS who were wild the whole class! She acted like she’d been going to class for years and it was only her 1st!

She’s a wonderful dog and I’m so pleased with her!


Subject: RE: News from Von Waldberg German Shepherds; 01/29/2010

To perspective Shepherd owners,

Von Waldberg provided us with a wonderful, first time experience with owning and purchasing a German Shepherd.

Phil knew my “reservations” that I had with German Shepherds and children and quickly and easily reset my misrepresentation. He new what we were looking for and what would be right for us and our family of three young children, their young friends and the fact that I had never been a dog owner when he called us one day and said “I have the perfect dog for you!” We arrived at Von Waldberg that very afternoon, just hours before leaving on a weeks vacation when out of the barn bounded 12 week old Fanny aka Roxie all paws and ears! She plopped herself down inches from my feet, rolled to her side, all four paws in the air with tongue hanging out screaming “love me!” We were hooked. Phil kept our future dog for the week, recommended some fabulous books to read and that we did while vacationing. We were like new parents in the waiting! It was one long week! When we returned, we eagerly brought out her new leash and collar and loaded her up in the family SUV and headed home!

Roxie has become one of the family; sometime one of the kids, sometimes a warning “herding” parent, but to me, she has become my shadow…always there, waiting to please, to go on a walk, have the ball thrown, to warn me of people approaching the house or scare me to death trying to break through the glass window in attempts to get that annoying little squirrel!

Phil got it right! He did have the perfect dog for our family! She is healthy (we’ve had her hips x-rayed for possible future breeding and all is great!), even tempered, smart (of course!) and beautiful!

Thank you Phil, Kimberly who keeps Roxie trimmed and cleaned!


Subject: Della; 12/28/2009

I absolutely *love* this dog (my kids named her Shasta) – she is very
smart, maybe too clever in some cases and she’s a beauty as you can see
by the picture I’ve attached. Shasta is only 8 months, but already
knows several basic commands and gets a lot of compliments out on walks
in the park. She loves the snow and I think she would be outside all
winter long if I let her.
I’ve also attached a picture of her as a new pup that you had originally
posted on your website.
Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family and all your dogs.
Best Wishes,

Subject: Our male purchased from you; 12/21/2009

Dear Phil & Kim

Re: Yakob von der Edelquelle born June 13, 2008

This male, we call Max, was purchased from you at approximately four months of age. He has developed into a very bright, handsome dog of approximately 125 pounds. His disposition is very loving and he is extremely obedient. On his own, he uusually stays within 10 feet of my wife as she moves throughout the house. He is probably the best overall dog that I have experienced in fifty years. He has the show stopping looks plus he has excellent health with no odors.

We have a female that we purchased eight years ago from a breeder in Canada. She is extremely bright, however she has experienced many health issues. She is pictured on the 2009 German Sheppard calendar sold throughout the world. She is the dog laying down on the dock with Lake Washington in the background.


Subject: “Hanna”; 9/27/2009

Phil and Kim,

We wanted to drop you a note to tell you how Hanna was doing.

Going from 15 years of huskies and samoyeds to one of your GSD’s has
been a real experience. We would never give up the time we had with
our dogs, but Hanna really fits with our family and lifestyle. All we
want to do is spend time with our two twins, and it works out great
that Hanna lives for that same thing. When we’re playing in our acre
backyard, she’s never more than 10 feet away from us (unless she’s
chasing the frisbee, the volleyball, the football, the basketball, a
stick, etc.) and loves to be involved in whatever we’re doing. She’s
happy and loving without being pushy and unbelievably tolerant of our
boys’ occasional poking and prodding and trying to take her toys, but
it’s all fair since she regularly wants to wander off with their toys

Her training is coming along great. There’s still some puppy in
there, but after a good walk or fetch session she learns what we’re
teaching her very, very fast. Just yesterday we taught her to wait
even when we threw her favorite frisbee, and then go get it when

She also LOVES our 12 year old husky Dakota and they wrestle and hot
lap on a regular basis. It’s fun to watch their athleticism, him a
veteran of countless scrums of 4 wrestling fuzzballs and her a
somewhat uncoordinated teenager. He’s happy to have someone to play
with again because as our others aged there was less and less playtime
for him. Now if we could get her to just be a little less fascinated
with our cat………. She is gentle with him but wants to find out
what he is all about by pushing him with her nose endlessly.

All in all, she is an amazing dog and only stands to get better as she
moves out of the puppy stage. She’s sleeping at my feet as I write
this, breathing hard from playing a little frisbee and I like to think
all is right in her world.
Thank you for such a great shepherd.

Heather and Steve

Subject: “Mirka” 09/07/2009

Thank you Phil and Kim for the best puppy in the world, Mirka is a ball of fire. She is very sweet but can definitely hold her own. She had only one day of accidents in the house but is well on her way to potty training. We are working with her on her basic training already, she is very smart. She plays a lot but still sleeps more! She is doing great with crate training. She already has showed her bark during play she is feisty for sure! Thanks again.

Subject: “Air mattress pictures” 8/20/2009

Hi Phil!
Here are the air mattress pictures of Trigger. She just loves to float
on the water. As you can see, she even stands and balances on the
thing. What a character:)

Subject: “A dog to be proud of” 8/09/2009

Hi Phil –
I thought you might enjoy reading a testimonial relating to the quality of your dogs. Although my beautiful twelve-year-old Nia (von Waldberg) is perfection and owns a huge piece of my heart, this is about Beau. Yes, this is the same Beau who was so obnoxious during training classes!

To set the scene: my dogs have about an acre of fenced yard backing on to the Redmond Watershed. Needless to say, we have a lot of wildlife. For example, about two weeks ago, Beau chased a bear cub out of the yard. (While my heart went pitty-pat thinking about Mama bear nearby.)

This morning, however, Beau showed what German Shepherds are meant to be. I let him out at about 6. Normally, Beau takes off at a run. This morning, he took about three steps, stopped on full alert, and came back to my side. We stayed out for a few minutes, watching, and Beau never moved from my side. When we came back in, he went to the window and barked. When I told him “quiet,” he then sat at the window and did his quiet bark, which sounds like “whuff,” all the time focusing on one particular spot, where a crow was yelling its head off at something. Altogether, Beau stayed at attention for about 20 minutes without pause.

So what was this animal? I think a cougar because it was absolutely soundless and bears tend to make a lot of noise pushing through the brush. Was Beau a hero? I think so. At a little over one year old, he made himself my protector—no fear, no fuss, just quietly staying at my side and watching out the window until he knew the threat was gone.

As you’ve seen, Beau has grown into a very handsome dog. Now, I can say that his mind and heart match his good looks. You have my thanks always for providing us with such wonderful dogs. They are a joy to own and be owned by!


Subject: “Sassa Schaden-2 years” 6/13/2009

I haven’t touched base in a while. I see Porsche is expecting again, so I thought I’d send an update on Sassa Schaden v Waldberg (6-22-07).

The dog is everything one could hope for in a GSD. She is 23 ¾”, 57#, alert, full of drive and exceptionally intelligent.

We have a CD and a leg on CDX so far. She has a temperament certification and a herding title.

She is a well rounded, beautiful creature with exceptional temperament. If I can persuade the family to add another dog to the mix, I will stop by your place first. The dog has proven to be everything you advertised.

I have attached a couple of pictures of her alerting on the neighborhood chickens.

Take care,

Subject: “Hi Again!” 10/30/2008

Hi Phil! How is everything? I thought you might like to know that our puppy is BRILLIANT! He picked up sit, high five and speak after me luring him with a treat ONCE. Now we’re working on walking on a heal and I didn’t even have to teach him to sit when I stop walking. I think he just sensed that that’s what I wanted. I took him to a parade 3 weeks ago, complete with pirate ship canons, hundreds of people, loud tractors, unfamiliar dogs (this was his FIRST time out in a pubic gathering) and he never ONCE showed any fear. If he got to the end of his leash to check out a dog or potential snack, all I had to do was whisper ‘watch me’ and he would joyfully sit right in front of me, COMPLETELY focused on me. No questions asked. Now I know what dog trainers mean by ‘focus’. Thanks for such a great dog!!


Subject: “Testamonial – Rosko, 7mos.” 09/10/2008

Hi Phil and Family,
I purchased a male pup from you back in Febuary of this year from Lea and Yasko’s litter. I couldn’t have spent my money any better. Rosko is stunning and has been a great addition to our family. He is very well put together and has excellent drive. Everywhere we go he is always complemented on his beauty. We have socialized him very well and hope to get involved in Schutzhund soon. The transaction with you and your family was top notch. AAA+ I recommend you to anyone that is looking for a fine quality Schutz pup/dog that has the “Total Package”!

Again thanks for the flawless transaction and beautiful puppy you sent us. You well exceeded our expectations! Here is a couple pictures of Rosko at 7½ mos.
Jason Campbell

Subject: “Lynda D.” 09/12/2008

Hi Kim,
We received Xety’s pedigree and it is very impressive. She is getting to be a big girl and has so much character. She brings us so much joy and happiness and there is never a dull moment. I know she was absolutely meant to be our companion. We are blessed to have her!


Subject: “6 Pictures for You” 09/09/2008

Hi Phil,
I wanted to send you some pictures of Belle and Beau. They are both
doing great and they really have eased the ache of losing Andi.

Both are learning quickly. I am talking with a search and rescue group
about evaluating Belle as a potential SAR dog. She likes to sniff out
the moles in the back yard!

Anyway, I just thought you’d like to see them. Belle is entering her
awkward gangly phase and has already had a trip to the emergency vet
when she got her dewclaw snagged on something…Being the independent
little girl that she is, she proceeded to chew on the “no chew” wrap
they put on it.

Thanks so much for bringing my (not so little anymore) girl over from
Germany for me!


Subject: “Your New Puppy” 08/13/2008

Hi Phil,

Thank you for that information. I would just like to compliment you on how exceptional of a puppy she (Jersey) is. She is exactly what you assured me of and more. She has a wonderful temperament. She has showed extraordinary characteristics towards my 11 month old and 7 yr old as well as other animals and people. We have only had her 2 days but she catches on quickly and I feel she is going to be a breeze to train. She is very, very intelligent. We have already had so many compliments on how beautiful she is. We would just like to thank you again for our wonderful little girl. We are beyond happy and pleased.


Subject: “Panzer” 7/18/2008

Greetings Phil and Skoog Family!! Can’t resist a quick note and some
pics to update you on “Panzer”.
Our boy is just over a year old now. Weighs in at 95 pounds
already, and is the perfect dog. Incredible temperament,
intimidating presence, impressive structure all around, a BEAUTIFUL
head! Check out the pics below…is it just me, or is this dog
something truly special???
He travels with us everywhere. Have worked basic obedience, and am
interested in beginning Schutzhund training

Best wishes to you all from the Booth family!!

Subject: Greetings from Hektor von Waldberg, 1/27/2007

Hey Phil,

Just a short note to say thank you again, and here’s
a photo of the boy taken last summer. What a face!
Looks suspiciously like Baru….

He’s EVERYTHING we wanted and expected x 100.

Bruce and Patty

Subject: An update on Elmo, 12/13/2006

Hello Phil,
It’s been a while since I brought my new pup home. He’s grown very large, intelligent, and loving. I have a 8 month old nephew who grabs Elmo’s face all the time and Elmo doesn’t mind at all. He just licks him and the baby laughs and smiles. He plays with my mother’s pug gentley which shows how harmless he is when he wants to be. Although as people drive up my neighbor’s driveway or if there’s a deer or wild turkey he lets you know with his deep, bellowing barks. I don’t think I could have made a much better choice and I just want you to know how wonderful of a dog he is, which clearly is the result of the magnificent dogs you breed. I’m going to send you a couple pictures to show you how handsome he is, my dad calls him “royal” in his looks.

Subject: The model, 11/11/2006

My little model, aka Garth, arrived safely and is doing very well. Garth is experiencing some teething issues, but hope that the pain will be alleviated with his new chew toys. Garth is doing VERY well with the potty training. When we leave the sliding glass door open, he will actually go outside to potty and poop…alone. He’s brilliant!
Garth sleeps in his little travel crate right next to my bed, and no more crying…YEAH! He fell asleep in his crate last night with the door wide open. He is very well behaved.
We go to the vet next Wednesday for his check-up. When did you say was a good age to have the microchip placed in him? I think I will check in to
that form of identification.
Anyway, I just love this puppy, and my skeptical husband does too!
Thank you so much for everything!


Subject: “Butch” 12/07/2007

Dear Phil,
Just wanted to Thank-You very much for delivering on EXACTLY what we wanted.
We asked for a high end beautiful German Shepherd with good blood lines. We were a little nervous about the cost of the puppy but went ahead and purchased him on June 01,2007 (Butchie)

We absolutely love Butchie, he is so perfect and worth every penny we spent on him, he is so beautiful and very smart. I will be getting a new camera for Christmas and will send you a photo of him. If you ever need a personal reference for anyone else looking for a dog, please have them call us.

Thank-You again
Patrick and Rochelle Mandin

Subject: “Panzer” update! 8/22/2007

Dear Phil, Kim, & Skoog Family…..

We are absolutely THRILLED with our new puppy!!! Panzer has adjusted to life in our home so quickly, it’s amazing! He loves his crate and his backyard space, and has travelled with us to the beach several times already. The kids are so delighted with him, and he is wonderful with them. So smart, too! Already knows how to sit on command, does his “doodles” outside on command, etc.

He’s met all the neighbors, and is so friendly and mellow. People who meet him comment not only on his beautiful markings and structure, but also his remarkable, almost disarming, sense of confidence, nobility, and calm.

So, we want you to know how much we appreciate your kennel, your hard work, and your mission to provide people like us with the best Shepherds available. We tell everyone who meets Panzer about you and your kennel.

Keep us posted about new puppy classes when they become available.
Kim mentioned something to us about this fall. We would love to participate as a family.

Also, please give Lea a big hug for us, and pass on our thanks for her hard work in raising such a wonderful little boy! 🙂

Jeff, Flo, Matt, and Mikaela Booth

Subject: Thank you again, 8/2/2006

Hi Phil, just a note to say thank you again for the terrific dog. Amazing animal, incredibly easy to train, extremely smart and fun. The difference between this dog and others I have known is night and day. Could go on and on, but I’ll keep it short just to say that all the testimonials on your website are very well justified.

Thank you again.
Donald Summers

Date of Letter: 07/29/2006

Dear Phil,
Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us in selecting another German Shepherd. Henry is a welcome addition to our family, especially after the loss of Aiko, whom we also got from you and who passed away after 13 years, 7 months, and 2 weeks. He was a very special dog and is greatly missed.

Henry is of the same quality, wonderful temperament and health as was Aiko. We look forward to many, many, years of giving to and receiving love from Henry.

Phil, you and your lovely daughter have a kennel full of wonderful G.S. dog specimens and we couldn’t recommend you, your daughter and your fabulous dogs highly enough. Thank you for providing such an excellent breeding source. As I write this to you, Henry is curled up next to me just like Aiko used to do! We are so fortunate!

Jack & Colleen
Seattle, WA

Subject: Celly, 7/13/2006


I thought it was long over due to give you an update on Celly. She is awesome! I must admit at first I had my doubts; but she has become my house dog for several reasons, first she is an escape artist and refuses to be kenneled and secondly I have no reservations about having her loose in the house even with small children around. She stays within 10 feet of me at all times when in the house and I can depend on her to act in an acceptable and professional manner no matter what the situation is. She will allow my 6 year old daughter to pull her around even by her ears, which she hates to have cleaned or even touched. Celly has the best temperament and obedience I have ever seen. She loves children and seems to instinctively know they mean her no harm, but she becomes a totally different dog if she perceives a threat to any of her pack members. Early on I put her into avoidance if I acted as the helper and put alot of pressure on her, but I have never seen another person do it, not on civil or protection work. She has learned to work with my VERY serious personal protection dog as a team. I live in a very small town with literally no crime to speak of but a couple months ago I was sleeping when a stranger attempted to enter my home. I woke up to find Celly barking aggressively, hackles up, in the door way of my bedroom and Brix at the door to my house in a bark and hold position. The door had been opened and both dogs positioned themselves to prevent the intruder from reaching me. Both dogs sleep in my bedroom Celly is not crated and sleeps in the doorway and brix is in his crate with the door open.
I would never allow my daughter to play in the front yard unless Celly was on a 30′ line out with her. Ali knows if any problem arises all she has to do is walk to Celly, it’s a huge feeling of security to know not only will Celly protect her but will alert me to any potential threat.

Thanks again for a GREAT dog!

Chris Carey

Subject: Danko; 5/11/2006

Dear Phil – Carey and I would like to update you on Danko. He is doing well and adapting to his new family. We love him and are very thankful to have him. He is a great blessing to our family. He checked out perfect with the vet inPuyallup. Bloodwork and UA were both good. Exam was flawless. We are constantly complemented on what a beautiful dog he is whenever we take him out. Last evening we even discovered a park with a small lake in it’s center here in Puyallup encircled by a paved trail called Bradley Lake Park. Apparently it’s pretty popular. We walked him there and he really seemed to enjoy himself. We have bought some items off Rae – harness, long leash, obedience leash, prong collar (haven’t used that yet), and a tug. That brings me to my questions: May we join your adult training class this Saturday? If so, at what time and with what equipment? Also, we are interested in a second dog – a little sister? Brother? We would like to talk pups with you or Kim when possible. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you this weekend hopefully.
Best Regards,
Sean and Carey Gephart

Subject: Puppies; 11/2005

Good Afternoon Phil:

Well… you did it… just what the Doctor ordered… or just what Lindsay wanted. TJ (Zadkiel) is everything we could ever wish for… He is by far the SWEETEST dog we’ve ever owned… he loves Lindsay and my husband. He doesn’t bark when someone comes to the door… just wags his tail and cries. He’s a talker with ALOT to say. Loves to go Bye bye… loves the motorhome. We remodled our home and the builder literally made the windows his height so he could see out… The vet is in love with him and tells him..”If people got to know you they’d change their opinion of German Shepherds. He’s beautiful… People come up to us all the time to tell us he is a BEAUTIFUL dog he is. When he gets on the bed we tell him… “What would Phil say if he saw you?” OH… Angel is doing well with Koe, she is a sweetie too… but much more protective, also smaller body… TJ is a moose… a bit thin as he likes to walk with me in the AM and run with Lindsay in the evening.. (she is a runner for cross country and we don’t want her to run alone. ) Vet said he’s good.
Take Care,
Lisa Szybura

Subject: New Photos; 12/2/2005

I have forwarded you a few photo’s that my daughter took this morning of her dog. We had a bit of snow last night and he loves to run and play in it. As I mentioned in our conversation … he never stops amazing me. This morning
I put him and our lab in the “play pen” ( a 140 ft x 85 ft fence area), and then I went to get our husky, Tobi. … well, TJ, the shepherd decided when I got to the gate I needed help…He took his nose, hit the gate clasp then took his big bear paws and grabbed the bottom edge of the gate and opened it for me… They really are amazingly intelligent.
Take Care,
Best wishes to you and your family for a happy healthy holiday season.
Lisa Szybura
PS… she has one more she wanted to share with you, however I have to send it in a seperate e-mail. Thanks again or listening to me… We really do love our dog.
Best Regards…LAS

Good Morning Pastor Phil:

It would be our pleasure to be used as a reference. We believe in you, your mission and your business, not to mention you produce the best quality dogs I’ve ever had the opportunity to be exposed to. our pup is WONDERFUL… He is very healthy, and good looking, good natured and very well socialized.
Lisa Szybura

Subject: Re: This is interesting; 12/7/2005

I don’t mind one bit…. never over doing… I will tell you I can only sell things I’m passionate about…. You, your family, your mission, your dogs… well, I know I am passonate about these. Your clients can hear it in my voice.
There are certain moments in our house when we say… “OH, what would Pastor say?. We brought in our christmas tree last night. (all 22ft of it) He was so excited that we brought a tree in… then he got on the couch (“shhh don’t tell pastor”) and just stared with the wonderment of a child. I hang wind chimes on my door knobs so when we have small children over I know when the doors open and close, (we have a pond)… Now when he wants to go out he takes his nose and rings the wind chime…Loves to get in bed with my husband and I for morning snuggle (shhh, don’t tell Pastor) my husband laughs… do you know how wonderful it is to wake up each day with
a 47 year old man laughing like a child and saying “ok, Ok… I didn’t want you, Lindsay wanted you. Why do you do this every morning? Why do you love me so much.”, all the time laughing… Life does not get much richer..
So I guess what I’m saying is ANYTIME…
Take Care
Lisa Szybura

Subject: Max; 7/2005

He is almost seven months old and he is awesome. Can be very vocal at times and the (squirting) lemon juice in his mouth doesn’t work with him. Instructor from the puppy obedience class suggested that… Very loyal and can get crazy chasing his tail, seems to only start doing that when he comes in the house. Great addition to our family, thank you again for breeding such an incredible dog.
Bonnie and Frank Hambly
Cottonwood, Ca

Excerpt from Journal American 5/94

(This is a Von Waldberg bred Shepherd)
Kirkland Police unleash new dog.
By Christopher Jarvis

Come summer there’ll be a new dog in town. His name is “Jake,” and the bad guy who think he can simply run from the scene of a misdeed might be sorely mistaken.

For the first time in history, the Kirkland Police Department will have a tracking dog of it’s own and will no longer have to rely on it’s neighbors in King County, Redmond or Bellevue to lend them the use of a well trained nose.

Jake the German Shepherd, is going through the ropes with his handler Officer Ron Coleman, as the two train for what they hope will be many years of teamwork.

Lt. Joe Simon, who is overseeing the Kirkland canine program, said Jake and Coleman have been training together as a team since early March as it’s clear already that not only is Jake up to the task physically and, when necessary, aggressive.

Excerpt from Journal American 8/96

Don’t mess with Jake Two years after joining the force, it’s 115 “bad guys” and counting for Jake, the City of Kirkland’s first and only canine police officer.

Excerpt from Journal American 8/2000

By Louis T. Corsaletti

“Kirkland a changing of the guard dog”

Jake the German Shepherd who has been Kirkland’s canine crook-catcher for a half a decade. Since he started as a spunky 2-year-old recruit in 1994, he has 235 captures!

At age seven Jake is at mandatory retirement. He’ll live a dog’s life at officer Coleman’s home, playing with Zeke, a 16 month-old rookie Coleman is training to fill Jake’s paws. Those are some big paws to fill.

Subject: The best dog in the world

Dear Phil,
It’s been a while since we have been in touch. Over 2 years ago, we bought a male puppy from your kennel. We got him as a wedding present for my husband.

Today, he is 2 1/2 years old and he is the joy in my life. Not only is he smart and obedient, he is so well-tempered and loving. When my husband leaves for army related things he takes care of me and makes sure that I am safe. He loves to play fetch, and he loves to run. He loves playing with other dogs big and small and he loves to cuddle up in bed with us.

He weighs 87 lbs, and he is the most handsome shepherd ( I am of course a little biased ). He is spoiled rotten and his name is Jack. I wanted to let you know how Jack was doing because I believe he was a gift from God and you gave him to us.

Thank you!
Karyne & Dan McCray

Via Letter October, 1999

Dear Phil,
I thought you be interested in a update on our puppy “Von Waldberg’s Fritz Kai Zwei”. He is continues to amaze me with his intelligence and frustrate me with his occasional stubbornness’ he has learned what I think is a large and comprehensive vocabulary but often obeys the commands of “come”, “sit”, and “platz”(all of which he knows very well) when it suits his purposes. My German wife is not amused when I say that he is “eine typeische Deutscher”

He has never met a person or another dog, or a cat that he has not liked. Very affectionate, friendly, and is very happy to go anywhere, at any time for a drive. We are about to finish his 8 week course in primary agility training in which he is the youngest trainee. It has been great fun for both of us. In two weeks we will take the obedience class as well.

His markings and coloring are commented upon by practically everyone as being particularly striking. I know that his are the “usual” from his breeding so I just accept the compliments on his behalf and am appropriately modest.

To make a long note short —he’s a GREAT companion, I could not have made a better choice that day.

Thank you,
Nick Yotz