Schutzhund Work in Action:
“Be sure to watch Untox’s bite work on you-tube”

V- Untox von der Freiheit Westerholt
SchH 3, 100-95-98 – V

What is Schutzhund?

Schutzhund is a German word meaning “Protection dog” but the sport of Schutzhund is much more. It is an international competitive sport in three phases of dog training:


which consists of precisely following an aged track of a human and the indication of articles dropped by that individual. The dog is followed at the end of a 30-foot leash by its handler on a track which includes a number of turns on a natural surface such as dirt or grass. The tracking phase is intended to test the dog’s trainability and ability to scent, as well as its mental and physical endurance


is the basis of the working relationship between a good dog and his handler. The Schutzhund dog must precisely execute various commands including heeling off leash, change of pace, automatic sit, sit in motion, retrieve on the flat, retrieve over a hurdle, retrieve over a wall, stand in motion, down in motion, long down under distraction, recall, and send out


consists of a directed search for the “bad guy,” guarding, escort, defense of the handler, and apprehension. As you can readily appreciate, Schutzhund can be a proving ground for those traits and training techniques that make certain dogs stable, useful members of your family.

Where Can Schutzhund Be Used?

Schutzhund-Trained dogs can be used for a number of specialized applications such as:

– Search and Rescue Work
– Active Police Duty
– Military Work
– Personal Protection

Do Dogs Enjoy Schutzhund Training?

If trained in the right manner, dogs enjoy working, as anyone who attends a Schutzhund competition can see. The joy of the dogs in working with their handlers is evident. Schutzhund training helps develop a dog’s natural instincts to a high level as well as create a strong bond between the dog and his handler.

For more information on Schutzhund contact:
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