Services We Offer

We believe the only way we succeed is to see you, our customer, succeed with your new dog.
Because of this; our Boarding, Training and Grooming Services are available to our customers with a Von Waldberg German Shepherd. We have tailored our boarding programs, training, and grooming services to fit the needs of you and your Von Waldberg German Shepherd dog.

Puppy Classes
Obedience Classes
Protection Training
Private Classes
Board & Train
For your specific needs, call for information.
Phil Skoog ~ (425) 402-8899 or email: Phil Skoog

If you desire to have your dog evaluated for any reason:
Temperament Tests
General Trainability
A specialty sport (ie: Schutzhund, French Ring)
Search and Rescue
Narcotics Detection
Contact: Phil Skoog ~ (425) 402-8899 or email: Phil Skoog

Our professional grooming facility provides your pet with relaxing spa treatment. Our Pet Spa uses hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners to enrich and enhance your pets skin and coat!

To schedule an appointment, contact us at (206)-931-7200

K9 Salon

Our stud fee is $1000. We do require that your female
is a registered German Shepherd with training, a sound
temperament and OFA certified hips.

NEW – For a fee, you can pick the stud of your
choice and we can ship his semen DIRECTLY to your vet
for insemination!

Contact us for additional information
206-931-7200 or Kim Brown