V- Hetty vom Heidknapp

Training Titles:

IPO 1, kkl1a
HD / ED: Normal






Hetty is a calm, classy, traditional black and tan female. She is well balanced with good drives and good, reliable character. She’s very social and personable but also a good deterrent. She has a love for her ball and is very playful and athletic. She also has a great off switch. She is totally chill in the home and with the kids. She’s a superb mother and produces tremendous pups with great potential. We are very pleased to have Hetty in our breeding program.

Sire: V – Isko v. Hühnegrab
IPO 3, kkl1a, HD / ED: Normal
Dam: V – Tara v. Heidknapp
SchH 1, kkl1a; HD / ED: Normal