Y________ von Waldberg

3 Females Available for Sale.

Date of Birth:
January 20, 2017

Ready to go home by:
March 18th.

Description: Unja is a terrific female who consistently produces intelligent, confident, well balanced pups. Unja’s pups are very substantial robust pups. We are excited to see their little personalities come out as they “wake up” to the world.

This is a “Y” litter. Every puppy’s registered name needs to begin with the letter “Y” followed by Von Waldberg. Example: Yerom von Waldberg

Did you know that puppies eyes are closed until they are 10 days old? Their eyes open at 10 days and they have a film over the eye that slowly thins out and disappears by 4 weeks of age. While our eyes may look blue in our puppy pictures, they will be a very dark brown. Unja is a terrific mom and produces puppies with big bone, broad heads and a large deep chest. Her pups have a strong food drive, and a desire to explore their world. They are very sweet, snugly pups that are ahead of the curve.